Is It Worth Repairing a Broken MacBook, or Should You Sell It?

Mar 23, 2023 | Computer Repair

Repair or Replace laptop

If we are talking about the MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, one thing is for sure – anyone that has used any of them long enough has experienced a problem or two, such as a cracked LCD, a bad battery, or some other hardware issue.

MacBooks generally perform better than other computers, but they are expensive. MacBooks are generally used more than PCs for the simple reason they perform better. In a recent study, it was determined 40% of users prefer the MacBook, 31% use PC users actually prefer Macs, and 29% use PCs and prefer them.

Macs are indeed popular, but just like PCs, they are prone to wear and tear. This brings us down to the most common MacBook problems these users face. If you are a MacBook user, you’re probably all too familiar with the following list.

The most common MacBook problems

Charging Ports – It is very easy for a MacBook user to accidentally unplug the charger. Sometimes you might unintentionally snag it out of the plug because you forgot you are still charging. These small mishaps always lead to faulty charging ports.

Dead Battery – Eventually the result of a faulty charging port and an aging Mac is a dead battery. A dead MacBook battery means you’d have to search for a place to plug in constantly. This is not ideal for the busy on-the-go student or business professional.

Backlight – The Backlight allows you to see items in the Mac’s display better by illuminating the screen, A broken backlight means you won’t be able to distinguish text and icons from the background.

Should you Repair or Replace your MacBook?

There are hundreds of MacBook issues experienced by everyone, but the big question now is, are MacBooks worth getting repairs? You are probably wondering how much you should expect to pay for getting a MacBook repaired. You may even be asking yourself if getting it repaired is worth the cost. Or, should you replace it versus repair it? We are going to help you decide.

When considering a MacBook repair the first few things to evaluate is the price. The repair price will depend on the damage and the model of the MacBook. At Repair Lounge, we do offer free repair quotes. So if you are in trouble, please bring your MacBook in directly to us and we will give you a free quote for the repair.  At this point, you will be able to compare the repair cost with a replacement cost.

MacBook repairs

We Have Both Options!

Fortunately, we have you covered no matter what you do. Repair Lounge offers used and refurbished MacBooks But before you browse our selection, bring in your old MacBook for a free repair quote. If it makes more sense to repair it, we can do that.

Before coming into our store, you can click here for an instant quote on MacBook repairs!

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