What are the most common laptop issues?

Mar 16, 2023 | Computer Repair

Laptop issues


In today’s world, having a computer you can take anywhere and pop open with a single button is extremely convenient. Add the other useful features such as video calling, watching movies, playing music, and other heavy tasks such as developing applications and editing media, you soon know you can not live without this powerful electronic device. But, what happens if this handy laptop stops serving you the way it used to?

Electronics have been with us for so long that we forget that they don’t last forever. Their performance levels decrease over time, their parts deteriorate with use, and they encounter problems — some fixable, and some impossible to solve. Fortunately, we have a large array of choices when it comes to portable computers or laptops.

But no matter how expensive, powerful, and sturdy a laptop is, it will still have occasional issues. It can even be rendered useless one day. The sound of your reliable go-to laptop dying can be like a chilling nightmare to the average user. That’s why it’s always a good measure to observe your laptop’s health.

To help you maintain the health of your laptop, we have compiled a list of the most common issues laptops get. Some are due to the nature of how you use your laptop, and other factors such as age and the environment.


While basking in the comforting heat of summer is always a good thing, such is never the case for electronics. Most especially for laptops because they’re not equipped with high-performance cooling systems like desktop computers are. Owning a laptop means you can’t do much to help it cool down and maintain ideal temperatures.

Laptops are compact. Components are squeezed in to fit and work the same way desktop computers do, and that comes with sacrificing space for adequate airflow to cool down these components. Laptops are not equipped with high-performance cooling systems like desktop computers, making overheating a big problem. Overheating is always possible when:

  • You use your laptop in hot and dusty places
  • You use your laptop for prolonged periods
  • You use your laptop for heavy tasks such as photo and video editing and gaming

There are other factors that contribute to bad component airflow, but those three are the most common culprits. There are small solutions, such as laptop stands with fans, to help remove the hot air from the components. But if your laptop experiences high temperatures for prolonged periods, its components will degrade much faster than normal and you will need to visit repair shops more often for professional laptop repair services.

Short battery life

Your laptop’s battery was at its peak health when you removed the unit from its box. Over years of use, bad charging habits, and overall maintenance, deterioration is unavoidable. Even if you don’t use your laptop for a month the battery life will shorten. Hence, manufacturers have laptop battery replacement services from computer repair shops.

When you notice that you can’t stay away from the wall socket while using the device, it is best to get a new battery installed by a professional. Doing this prevents your laptop from shutting down in the middle of intense work and losing all the work you just put in.


laptop keyboard issues


Broken Keyboard

Imagine writing an important document for school or work with some keys of your laptop’s keyboard not working. While there are band-aid solutions such as using the operating system’s native on-screen keyboard, but, that is not a productive option. It slows you down and makes typing a hassle, especially when you’re at your peak and ideas are pouring out of your brain.

Sadly, laptop keyboards are prone to damage. It can be from spilled water, coffee, crumbs of your favorite snack while working, and dust. If you are very careful about snacking and drinking close to your laptop, you still can’t avoid the keyboard from getting worn out or dislodged from years of usage.  If you are a heavy user and have sweaty hands, your laptop’s keyboard legends will turn invisible in no time!

Some manufacturers produce replacements for this laptop keyboard phenomenon and include them in warranty policies for their laptops! If your laptop isn’t covered anymore, your best bet would be to drop by our Repair Lounge and get their expert help.

Bad loading times

Almost every laptop that came out during the previous years came with hard disk drives (HDDs), which are thick, mechanical storage drives for computers. Although they come less expensive compared to solid-state drives (SSDs), they’re not as reliable because:

  • They have a short lifespan
  • They’re much slower than slightly expensive SSDs

The number one cause of bad laptop loading times is an old HDD. If not the HDD, it’s your inadequate memory capacity doing its thing. Laptops today still come with HDDs, but there are always computer repair shops ready to help you upgrade to an SSD and a bigger memory capacity. Slow laptops are annoying, but there are technicians that can solve your problem with a few hours of tinkering.


The scourge of operating systems and storage devices is malware. This malicious software works in different ways, none of which you or your computer will like. Every laptop is prone to malware, which makes it important for you to be highly aware of the stuff you download from the internet or the devices you plug into your computer.

Every malware is made to do something malicious. Let’s say you downloaded a free Microsoft Office package from a website. Chances are high that the file came with malware, or is malware. It can be something created by someone that wants to steal personal information, spy on you, and many others reasons.

Your best protection against malware attacks is to refrain from downloading files from websites that are not reputable. Your anti-virus can’t always protect you. In the case of malware, prevention is better than the cure. If it’s too late to prevent it, there is always the option to re-install your operating system, taking you back all the way to when you first booted up your laptop.

When is the time for a laptop repair?

The time for a laptop repair depends on how bad the problem is. Is it causing your productivity to decrease? Are you failing to submit your work on time because of it? Or did your laptop stop booting up? If your answers to those questions are all yes, then it’s time to drop by a repair shop and ask them for assistance. If you  “answered no” on one or two of those questions, then maybe you can push back a visit to the repair shop.

But it’s important to keep in mind laptop problems are always better off solved the moment you take notice they exist. When you wait longer other problems may develop that might cause you to end up losing your laptop totally and end up needing to purchase a new laptop. You can always take your laptop in for a check-up to determine what is wrong and if you can wait out a laptop repair.

If they tell you an issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible to prevent further damage, it’s best that you go with their advice. They know when a problem is serious enough to warrant service or replacement as soon as possible or not.

3 laptop care tips to follow

Next, we have created a quick list of 3 Laptop care tips you should follow to ensure that your laptop stays with you during your sunny and rainy days.

  1. Avoid drinking and eating while using it

If you like to drink and snack while working on your laptop, we highly advise that you lessen these occasions. While concentrating and focusing on your computing task it is very easy to spill onto your laptop! Cold or hot, it’ll do the same thing, damage your laptop, and cost you money on repairs. Or worse, a replacement unit.

  1. Stop downloading from untrusted websites

Beware of downloading free movies, games, software, and many others. While some things you might need from school or work are expensive to purchase, they are always worth the investment. Getting a paid version means you’re getting the real deal, which makes it impossible for it to be malware.

Aside from destroying your laptop and potentially getting your privacy invaded, there are piracy laws that will punish you for downloading and using pirated versions of movies, games, and other paid stuff you can find online for free.

  1. Let it cool down

Because most of us use our laptops with our palms resting on their surface, it’s impossible to ignore that it gets hot to the touch. Whenever this happens, we highly advise that you shut it down properly and let it cool down! Your laptop is just like you, it needs a break from time to time. If it doesn’t get those breaks, it might end up leaving you for good or costing you money.


When using a laptop, it’s important to keep in mind that while these electronics might mimic most of what a desktop computer does, however, it is not the same. It can’t work for prolonged periods while relying on good custom cooling systems, and it gets its power from batteries that don’t last forever.

Laptops are extremely convenient, especially for students who are constantly on the go and work in different spaces. It is a wise idea to have your laptop checked periodically for issues before you start using having issues. Some computer repair shops offer free diagnostic tests, which help you find out if there are unseen problems and what can be done to fix the problem.

If your laptop is on the fritz, don’t wait for school to start or a critical workload deadline to get it looked at. Now is the time for a free diagnostic run by one of our tech experts. at Repair Lounge. We will fix anything wrong and ensure you are able to make it through this semester or work presentations without a technical malfunction. Give us a call, come visit us, or fill out our online quote tool and we will reach out to you.

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