The Scariest Tablet and Ipad Repairs

Mar 23, 2023 | Computer Repair

Ipad Repair Lounge San Marcos CA

A broken Tablet or IPad quickly becomes an inconvenient and frustrating experience. You are now in a situation that makes it impossible to work, stream, shop, or participate in social media. Even worse is what you will go through by ignoring the problem and allowing your device to worsen before taking it to a professional.

But, there is good news!  Most Tablet and IPad damage is repairable and at affordable rates, especially if you come to Repair Lounge in San Marcos CA!  You can count on us to professionally repair your iPad or Tablet at a cost-effective price.

This blog will discuss common issues with Tablets and IPads and offer you ways to prevent these problems from worsening.

Cracked Screen

The most common tablet or iPad repair issue we see is a cracked or shattered screen. Screen damage can be devastating to any user. One moment, you’re smoothly swiping through your favorite apps, and the next, you face the reality of shattered glass or unresponsive pixels. Time is of the essence with this issue. The longer you wait to have your screen repaired, the more it could crack and break. Eventually, it might even become unresponsive to touch.

Fortunately, an impaired screen isn’t the end of the world. Cracked screens are relatively simple to repair or replace. You should take this issue to our Repair Lounge as soon as it breaks.  We will restore your device to its pristine condition, then you can return to your digital life with no hindrances.

Broken Camera

IPad and Tablet cameras take fabulous photos! That’s why it’ is so frustrating when your IPad or Tablet camera isn’t working properly. In the event that your photos are coming out blurry or the camera is simply failing to start, the best way to get it back up and running quickly is by taking it to our San Marcos Repair Lounge for a fast and efficient evaluation and repair.

There are preventive care and maintenance methods that you can routinely do to protect the device ad it’s powerful camera features, Investing in protective cases and storing the device safely goes a long way in preventing camera damage and extending the overall lifespan of your beloved IPad or Tablet.

Sometimes, simply turning the device power on and off will do the trick, but if that doesn’t work, talking to a Tablet or IPad repair expert at our Repair Lounge is the best next step.

Broken Home Button

You are right in the middle of an important task on your iPad or Tablet when suddenly, without warning, the home button stops working. Panic sets in! If you own an older version of these devices you might run into the broken home button problem. Don’t despair. There are a few simple tips and solutions to help you do a work around until you are able to seek a proper repair.

First, make sure you thoroughly clean on or around the home button in case the problem is just dirt or dust stuck in the button. You can also enable the on-screen AssistiveTouch button that provides quick access to your home screen and other essential features.

If the home button still doesn’t work after cleaning it, or if the button is missing, bring your device to us for a quick and affordable replacement! Don’t worry about iPad or Tablet repair prices. At Repair Lounge we are proud of our budget-friendly services.

Tablet Water Damage

Water Damage

Did you accidentally spill your drink on your Tablet or IPad? Or drop it in the sink? While these devices are among the most convenient and reliable pieces of technology, they are not ‘waterproof”. Water damage is a major problem for them. If your IPad or Table decides to go for a swim, the water damage can cause electrical components to short-circuit, rendering the device inoperable. The most important action related to water damage is immediate intervention.

The device must be dried thoroughly and completely with a hairdryer or cleaning cloth before further attempts at repair can take place. Water damage is another time-sensitive issue because the longer your tablet soaks in moisture, the more internal and external damage it will face because of that moisture. If dealt with promptly and quickly, these devices are often able to successfully be restored at Repair Lounge.

However, even with quick action taken, IPad or Tablet water damage can still be difficult and sometimes impossible to repair. Therefore, extra caution should always be taken when handling them around water environments – storing them securely and keeping them far away from any liquids or moisture!

Broken Battery

If your IPad or Tablet is having problems staying charged or turning on, then you may need to take a look at the battery. Old or broken batteries can be detrimental to your device. If your device won’t hold a charge or gets extremely hot when you use it, the battery should be replaced before it ruptures.

Again, don’t wait to get your battery replaced, not just because of the inconvenience that a broken battery causes, but also because of the potential dangers of the battery leaking chemicals either into your device or outside of it. Thankfully, a broken battery is easy to detect and, in the right technician’s hands, fairly easy to replace.

You’ll need to have your device physically checked out in order to determine the cause and identify whether it just needs a replacement battery or if other repairs are required. Luckily for you, Repair Lounge handles each of these common tablet issues and can have your device working like new in no time.

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